Is she ready to dump you?

I’m going to let you answer this one.

Are you having sex on the regular?
Are you sleeping in different rooms?
Is she moody all the time?
Does it seem like you can’t do anything right?
Do you visible annoy her?
Has her affections towards you changed?
Is her computer or cell locked? And you don’t have the pass code?
Does she have new friends that you don’t know?
Are you being slowly excluded from certain activities?

If you answered yes to more than 4 of these questions?
Sweetie, you already know the answer. Just by the slightest chance you don’t know.
The answer is yes, she’s either cheating or just plain tired of you. I’ll give you another month at least unless you pay the bills then it will be solely up to you as to when you’ll get tired and move on!


Check out my videos on how to tell if she wants out!
Part 1
Part 2


What are your thoughts?

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