Why Women Seemingly Hate other Women?

*A Man
*Just Because

Let me start off by saying, not all women are this way. There are some of us that knows being jealous of another is a hindrance on our own success & happiness.
Some women just aren’t capable of being another woman’s “friend”. Don’t take it personal because these types of women are so insecure that having another woman in her presence, who’s actually doing something….is a hard pill to swallow.
Therefore that woman becomes the secret enemy. You noticed I said secret….because she’ll be your friend to your face and throw you under the bus behind your back.

These type of women only hang around to get information to use against you.
You’ll know when this woman enters your life just by the “advice” she gives.
It’s sad but I believe 75% of the people who enter your life isn’t there to help you move forward, they’re roadblocks or better yet….distractions meant to knock you off your game. So trust your gut!

Another reason women go at each other is the men, I mean mice in their lives.
If there is a man involved, watch out. The gloves, false nails, fake lashes and weaves come off. In other words….if you have a man please steer clear of spending to much time as a threesome (you, your man & your mistreated or single friend) this will not end well.

Finally…..if a woman doesn’t like you and you can’t find a reason or you don’t even know the heffa like that. More than likely she wants to be like you in some form and sees you as a threat.

These types of females hate any and everybody who has an ounce of get up and go……my advice: let em starve, put zero energy into their self- hatred.

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What are your thoughts?

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