He might be an abuser if…..red flags πŸ‘‡πŸšΆπŸ‘Š

Domestic Violence is a serious epidemic that, in my opinion doesn’t get as nearly as much attention it deserves. Women are being abused everyday by men they love and trust. I want to bring awareness to those women who are unknowingly dating and entering relationships with abusive men.
Abusive men all think alike in some aspect….they all believe they own you!
Their main goal in life is to make you depend on them through fear.
Below are some signs that the man in your life might become abusive.

*Refers to women as b*tches and who*res

*Level of respect for their mother is zero

* Easily upset

*Threatening to do you harm, then laughs it off as a joke

*Hitting walls, breaking things

*Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde behavior

*Controlling behavior. (Any man that asks to smell your panties is insane)

*Over the top jealousy


*Brags about hurting others especially animals

*Constant self loathing

*Gives compliments sprinkled with an insult

*He’s addicted to alcohol or drugs

*Lack of Self-Love

*He’s hit you before

***Never gets upset at anything (run)
A person who never expresses anger or disappointment in a healthy way is a time bomb waiting to explode.

Never believe that abuse is tied to “love”, it’s all about control and some men would kill for it.

I will have a video up on what to do if you’re in this type of situation.

Be Safe, Ladies!πŸ™β€β€


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