Nikki Does Reality

My objective is to inspire and motivate others through my life experiences. The things I’ve encountered while on this earth. I’m not an expert on anything but my life experiences, things I know first hand.
If my choices, my mistakes, my wake up calls, my success and my testimony can help someone else…..I’ve done what I set out to do.
In order to tell how I overcame a lot of things, I first have to tell my story.
Filming my show and writing this blog is something that scared me in the past. When you put yourself out there you’re exposed to the opinions & judgement of of others. This last year, forced me to get over that.
I’m finally doing what I know God had planned for me all along. Having the opportunity to help other people makes me want to lay it all out on the line.
I hope you guys, find something you can apply to your life or at least be inspired enough to make some changes in your lives.
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