1st Date Rules

Dating can be fun and rewarding if, you’re doing it right. Your ultimate goal is to spend time with someone and getting to know them. It’s more than okay to date more than one person at a time. You’re exploring your options, but always be upfront about your intentions.

#1 Never give up the goods

#2 Don’t scare him away with you whole life story. Save some for later

#3 Never mention your Ex, unless you’re asked, even then keep it simple & brief (please don’t go into a tirade)

#4 Gurl, get more than a salad!

#5 Avoid gossip! Talk about what interests you may have in common

#6 Avoid the “I want to get married right now” convo. Remember, you just met. Become friends first

#7 Don’t try so hard, just be yourself because you’re not going to be able to keep up a facade forever.

#8 Starting a first date with LIES is a no-no! Be genuine, it’s not hard.

#9 This shouldn’t even be on the list but I’m going to say it anyway….if you are married or otherwise attached, please don’t start dating until you have ended your current situation.

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