Condoms…. Are you dumb?

In this day and age, I’m disgusted with the mentality that safe sex is overrated! I’m even more disgusted as to how men and women can have unprotected sex with random people or anyone for that matter.
Everyone knows that dude or chic that sees nothing wrong with having unprotected sex.
In fact they’re offended by the mere suggestion of using protection.

I have one question for you *%>%#>€, do you care about HIV/AIDS or does YOLO make it okay?

Ladies, stop letting men persuade you that he “has a good feeling about you” that’s why he feels so SAFE having unprotected sex with YOU! Sweetie, he’s doing that shit with EVERYBODY!

If you become intimate with a man and he’s making every excuse NOT to wear a rubber…..drop his bum ass….right then and there! Politely put your clothes on and run to nearest exit!!

Fellas, this goes for you to! Don’t be so infatuated with a woman that you don’t use caution to protect yourself. Don’t fall for that “I can’t get pregnant” bullshit. Maybe she can’t but I bet she’ll have no problem spreading that disease!

People,lets be smart about our health and bodies. Everyone has made that not so smart choice before including myself. But I thank God for protecting me when I was to dumb to protect myself.

Especially in the black community, it’s not only about disease, it’s about baby mamas and fatherless kids.

Before giving away your most prized possession people, THINK!!!

I mean really? Is a piece of ASS really worth dying for??


6 thoughts on “Condoms…. Are you dumb?

  1. Great piece Nikki. Just not sure about the last question as availability of treatment means that HIV isn’t = death. Otherwise nice piece 🙂


    1. The last statement was meant more of a shock value. Of course I know people can live their life span with treatment.

      But there are other ways to die due to this type of behavior. People kill over their spouses.
      People kill behind some crazy ish these days.


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