Relationship: Round 2?

On again, off again relationships have so many people in a vice grip, that they’re replaying a cancelled show over & over again.
I’m not saying that the 2nd time around can’t be great, but how many do overs do you need to get it right?
As someone who has been in this type of toxic relationship, I can tell you this, if both parties aren’t 100% committed to making it work then it never will. Point blank. Period!
There’s lots of reasons that people use, to lessen the blow of returning to something that obviously brought them pain & unhappiness.
A few reasons excuses I’ve heard…..
Kids, finance, property or expecting change.
What I don’t hear is: we both love each other, so we’re taking the proper steps i.e counseling, to repair our union.
I imagine, couples do get back together for that reason alone, but the other 80% have a real fear of moving on.

What I think:
Going back into a relationship after its already over may be okay for a while, but slowly all the things you resented will start to creep up again, if not resolved. Taking you back down that road from which you came.
Before you know it, you’ve seen this episode 1000 times.
Sometimes, love isn’t enough to keep bumping your head. Sometimes loving someone and still walking away…. Shows how much you Love….YOU!
It’s okay, if it didn’t work out, that simply means, there’s someone out there God feels is a better fit.
Loneliness is the biggest culprit in returning to a dying relationship. Just let it DIE!
Think about it like this….every time you go back, it’s a missed opportunity for meeting that special someone, who will make you wonder why you didn’t leave, sooner!
Don’t miss your true love just because you can’t see the forest for the trees!

Check out the video version:

Ms Nikki


What are your thoughts?

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