Talking to your Teenage Boys about Sex

The old saying boys will be boys may be true but, it’s up to us as parents to make sure our boys don’t grow up to be deadbeat dads with multiple baby mamas.

Therefore, we have to educate our boys on the subject of good judgment and safe sex. Educating our boys is a must.

Don’t think you can talk to your kids about safe sex?
Well, would you like to be a grandparent at 30?
Make a choice.

If you can’t talk about sex please don’t ignore it. Ignoring it wont stop your kid from having it. Get a fishbowl and fill it up with condoms and brochures, if that’s what it takes.

My personal take
I would prefer if my boys didn’t engage in sexual activity at all. The best way to avoid babies, disease and the all around drama is ABSTINENCE!!
But, lets face it….you can not watch your kids 24/7 especially with all this porn disguised as music. I mean have you heard the lyrics to the latest Rick Ross song ” I slipped her a Molly, she ain’t even know it, took her home and had a good time with her and she ain’t even know it” I’m paraphrasing but you get the jest. When I really listened to this song trash, I lost all respect for Rick Ross, I mean really, are you promoting the rape of women? Do you realize how many kids listen and look up to you?

These people are raising our kids, our young men to disrespect women!
I don’t care how much of a good parent you are, peer pressure is REAL!
The best way to combat this or at least try to, is to TALK to your boys.
They are growing up becoming men, lets teach them to respect not only themselves but our little girls becoming women. Don’t let you son become that 40 something year old, who still doesn’t know the meaning of being a REAL MAN!


What are your thoughts?

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