Appreciation Day for my Blog Followers & Readers

I appreciate you guys so much, for following and supporting Nikki Does Reality! We have been live less than a month, and you guys are showing me so much love💋💋
Every post is meant to be in your face…honesty! I speak from my heart, my truth and to see that it is well received, makes me so proud! I started this blog as an extension of my YouTube Channel, A place where you can get to know me up close & personal, through video.
I started these platforms as a way to inspire and motivate others through my life experiences. What I speak about is reality & what I’ve witnessed.
Everyone has a story….I share mine to motivate/teach/inspire/aspire & learn. There are people out here that need to know, life is about change & choices. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, it gets better. Most people feel that they are the only ones going through a particular situation…..
In order to progress, you have to re-evaluate yourself every now and again. We do not dream through life….we make moves to ensure our dreams come true. Sometimes, you need a wake up call or a big ass dose of REALITY!!!!!! That’s where I come in…..
You guys give me great inspiration….to live my purpose. Thank you guys, so much! 💋

What are your thoughts?

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