Things that make me go ummm…

*People that are still sporting Jerry curls

*Old women dressing like they’re in
their 20s

*Men who worship Jordan’s

*Questionable pastors, preachers

*Team independent and you live with yo mama

*Old ass drug dealers

*16 & pregnant (tv show) when did teenage pregnancy become a claim to fame?

*People that will go without things like electricity, water, even food to keep that iPhone 5 in service. Smh

*Hoarders ( how is embarrassing someone gonna make them clean up years of filth?)

*Fish net stockings: role play or porn star

*Haters who have haters (u mean to tell me u know someone more miserable than you?)

*Facebook fantasies ( living the glamorous life on fb and approaching poverty in reality)

*26inch weave,huh?

*Unsafe sex in 2013??? Really??

*Olive oil edge control


What are your thoughts?

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