Gossip & Backstabbing in the Workplace

Today, I want to talk about the drama that can go on behind the scenes in the workplace. Although, I tie this directly to a maturity level, I’ve seen all ages partake in this disgusting behavior. Going to work shouldn’t feel like high school. Through my career, I’ve come across some back stabbing, low down opportunist in the work place. I love to observe people without their knowledge, it allows me to see who they REALLY are. There are a few different types of co-workers. There’s the person who comes to work stays out of gossip, does their job and goes home; there’s the boss’s pet, tells every damn thing, no matter how irrelevant; there’s the snake that is insecure and very under handed; then there’s the kind hearted, trusting one that the “snake” latches onto to take them down from the inside.
The best way to avoid office gossip is to focus on your work and what you have to do outside of work. It’s okay to be friendly with your co-workers but never engage in “mess” that has absolutely nothing to do with you. I firmly believe that 2 women or 2 men cannot be true friends if they’re not on the same level and going in the same direction. Not saying they have to have the same goals but the same values. The same maturity level. A person with dreams, goals and are making moves has nothing in common with someone who has no drive, has no desire to ever move pass where they are. Point. Blank. Period.

People in your circle at work or home can do 1 or 2 things, they can lift you up or bring you down. The latter usually isn’t evident until its to late, unfortunately.
My last piece of advice when it comes to office gossip,no matter what you hear, never…. I mean never repeat it or have a response. That’s how it get’s started.
Ms. Nikki


What are your thoughts?

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