Aren’t you Married?


I, recently did a video on married men, acting like they’re single and the weak minded women who accept being #2.
Before anyone comments and says a man can’t cheat without a woman willing to participate. That’s true to some extent but its solely up to the man to decide whether he’s willing to risk his family for a fling.
It absolutely disgusts me to see or be hit on by a married man. I find that to be the ultimate disrespect to his vows. I find myself asking this one simple question…..why not just be single and be free to do whatever you want?
I’ll tell you why….most men are just plain selfish and greedy. They have no concept of loyalty. The thought or desire to be wanted by other women feeds into their own insecurities, which tells them it’s okay to commit the ultimate betrayal. A real man doesn’t cheat he sits his woman down and explains he’s not happy,giving them the chance to fix the problem. If, by chance this does not work he seeks a divorce; he doesn’t start another relationship before he has put closure on the current relationship. The difference between a boy and a man!

Now, for the women who gladly agree to being #2, and really see nothing wrong with sleeping with another woman’s husband clearly has a serious lack of self-love and self-worth issue going on.
I have a wake up call for you side pieces…he’s NEVER going to leave his wife! If by slight chance he does, within 6 months maybe less, he will go back. I’ve never understood the concept of the willingness to be second best. Can someone please explain what perks the side piece have? Meaningless sex? Trust me…it may mean something to you but to him it’s just sex. You gets no holidays, no affection, no finance, no real connection….so, what is your purpose, exactly?

Ms. Nikki



What are your thoughts?

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