Ummm…I have Bills

As you guys may or may not know, one of my side hustles is a cocktail server in a Bar & Grill here in Jackson.
Now, it’s not like Chillis or Applebee’s… has a club atmosphere and lots of drinks are being poured. Duh, it’s a bar.
This is my problem, we as servers get paid on a waitress pay scale because we collect tips.
The real issue……TIPS & WALKOUTS!
Do not! I repeat Do not run me back and forth then leave no tip or better yet don’t bring your ass to the bar broke; order up a bunch of drinks & food and try to walk out without paying.
Please note that if you bring a party to the bar expect to get gratuity added to your bill.
I think the worst customer is the one trying to hit on you but won’t even tip. Really? Are you for serious??? 👊👊
Rant Over…
Moral to this story…..we have bills to!

What are your thoughts?

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