Depending on Him……

First off, let me say this….if you depend on any man that’s not God, you’re foolish anyway.
It’s all good to have a backup but always be able to pay your own bills with no issue.
Men are accessories not necessities. You should be able to fully take care of yourself and anything a man does for you is “extra”
Dependence leads to desperation and questionable choices. Personally, I wait on God, because I know one thing. There’s nothing a man can do that God can’t do bigger & better. If your blessings come in form of a man, please believe God sent him.
I have sat back and watched women sell themselves to get a bill paid. To each is own,but there are better ways to eat.
Ladies, if a man wants to take care of you, by all means let him but make sure he is offering and you’re not begging, pleading, slaving or worse for it. It diminishes your self-worth and gives him all the power, especially when that bill is coming due.
Ms. Nikki Lynch


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