How to Deal with Haters

A person hates you for 1 or 3 reasons…..They’re intimidated by you, they want to be you or they want you. Point. Blank. Period!

People hate what makes them feel inferior. If that happens to be you, then bring a 110% on that azz.  Fugg their day up with a smile on your face…..

In other words DO YOU! Always strive for better, set goals and take risks. There will always be someone whose jealous of or dislikes you. So what? Are you really going to lose sleep over it? Are you going to keep “discussing” it? No, you’re going to continue being the absolute best that you can be and ignore the foolishness. If you being you offends someone, how sad their world must be.

I focus on setting goals and only seeing them. If that means I have to put up with bs until my goals are accomplished, then cool I’ll do that. The one thing I will never do, is allow another human to dictate my feelings or actions in a negative way. I control me………Period.

That’s how I deal with Haters, I stay 10 steps ahead and kill they’re azz with kindness. My eyes are always on the prize.

xoxo, Nikki


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