Multiple Streams of Income

Hi Guys!

Today’s post is about having multiple streams of income and why its important for your financial future.

No one can comfortably make it on one salary these days. It’s essential to have a backup plan, just in case….especially as a single parent. Kids get sick, things in the house break, unexpected car issues happen. Not having a little money set aside to handle these kinds of these things,  puts more stress on you. Believe it or not, that directly affects the way you react to everything else in your life.

There are several things you can do to make extra money, take on another job part-time, clean houses on the side, get a work at home job Talk 2 Rep is a great company and you can work right from your home. Yes! you get a real paycheck because its a “real” job. You can use your talent {if you have it} of being able to sell,  do hair or organize events. Always be networking and making moves and you’ll never be broke. If your going to go out every weekend at least get paid to host an event or two per month. Always be looking for ways to make recurring cash flow.

The other key to having multiple streams of income is, not spending it just because you can. Having extra money tend to make us want to spend more. That’s the wrong thing to do! Always be saving. Its not like the money is going to disappear into thin air if you hold on to it.

Pull out that portfolio or tablet and get to crunching numbers and realize you need more than 1 source of income.




What are your thoughts?

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