6 Signs He’s Not Going to Choose

You start dating a man whose either attached or on the rebound and you fall….hard. There are two things wrong with that first sentence…..

1. Attached

2. Rebound

These are the type of men you DO NOT go after. But….there are plenty of women that will walk into an already screwed up situation and are surprised when this “hookup” is complicated & painful. Being someone’s second choice does not feel good no matter how you justify it. Here are 6 Signs that you will have to eventually walk away because he will never choose.

#1 He goes back & forth. One minute he wants to be with you and the next he just wants to be “friends”

#2 Points out the other woman’s {your competition} attributes. Praising her good qualities. “she’s a great cook” “she be on her sh*t” ” etc.

#3 When he treat’s you like a secret

#4 Making excuses as to why he hasn’t chosen

#5 Reminds you that you “already knew” the deal when you met him

#6 As you read this…… HE STILL HAS NOT CHOSEN!


2 thoughts on “6 Signs He’s Not Going to Choose

  1. Actually, he has. He chose her as soon as he didn’t either put the walls up to you or go home that first day and break up with her. He chose. He kept her at home, and he threw you a few secret crumbs. That’s choosing.


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