Next month will be my 1 year anniversary….living here in Jackson. A lot of things have transpired since. One thing I did was leave the past in the past. All the disappointment, hurt and a anguish is over but not never forgotten.
A lot has happened over this past year…..I lost some people who I thought were friends, allies can say about that is, lesson learned.

My family is slowly getting back on track. Raising teenagers alone is no easy task. This Mama thing is incredibly challenging.

I’m one step closer to becoming a #1 Best Seller list (I believe in speaking into existence). My YouTube Series is doing great. I’m working harder on my brand this year because of last year.

1 year later and life is a little sweeter. It feels good to have overcome so much and be able to appreciate every blessed day that was better than the last.


What are your thoughts?

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