When you’re no longer a victim………….

in a bad relationship/ friendship or situation. It comes a time where you stop being a victim of abuse, disrespect and mistreatment and happily or not so happliy become a willing, participating volunteer. when someone constantly has made you feel like they don’t care about you or your feelings, then by all means believe them. A person can only do what you allow. They don’t run back because they love you they run back because you are the only one that will accept their bad behavior.

When I hear someone says I know he/she loves me, they’re just in a bad position. Bullshit! They don’t love you, hell they don’t even love themselves. You treat people the way you see yourself.

Back to you “the volunteer” stop volunteering to be someone’s fool. If a person has broke your heart, made you cry, used you or chose someone else over you repeatedly……sweet pea they don’t love you.

5 ways to know you’re the volunteer

1. You find yourself making excuses for the other persons bad behavior
2. You keep your reconciliation a secret
3. You find yourself getting angry because deep down you know you deserve better
4. You fall right back into being his/her captain save a €£%#}{
5. This blog made you feel some type of way

It all comes down to self-esteem and self-love. Some will argue that they absolutely love themselves but there’s one problem with that……you allow someone to do to you, what you wouldn’t do to yourself. That’s not self love. That’s self loathing and feeling like you can’t or won’t do better.

Toodles, my loves!


What are your thoughts?

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