My Year 2014

I wrote this last year….check out my next blog on how this year has been thus far!


2014 has definitely been a blessed and highly favored year for me and my family. As this year comes to a close…..I’m relativity happy with the way my life is going. The things that I feel need to be changed or done differently is already set in motion.

This year I didn’t write enough (even though I wrote 2 ebooks) I didn’t do enough videos (even though I get emails everyday from people telling me how my videos helped them) I didn’t blog enough (lost advertisers/readers/interaction) I didn’t do enough…….why? Because I was “busy” with work, kids, personal life and home.

2014 really gave me a lot of what I said I was going to accomplish. But, I got complacent and stop doing the things I loved and made me happy.

I noticed this blatant self sabotage several months back and really tried to make more time for my brand (my total being).

I found myself putting others needs, before mine. That’s never okay. I mean, how can you take total care of someone but you’re not taking total care of yourself? You can’t. Not for long, there will be a break down the line. Trust.

I work in the Club/ Bar scene so for a second there I started to “live” that life.

2015 is really exciting for me because I know it will be better than this year and this year was pretty damn good. No more self sabotage, baby. I’ve made some hard decisions but I know it’s what’s best for me.

So……there you have it… My year!



What are your thoughts?

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