Common Denominator 

Today,  we’re  going to talk about “the common denominator”  whether it’s work, family or a relationship, if it’s bad or good there’s always a common denominator. 

Let’s just say you’re caught in a love triangle❤️🔺💔😔…… Where you and another are dealing with the same person. You both seem really vested in your three way love affair. You blame the other person for not letting goi or vise versa. But you’re both wrong because you’re completely forgetting about the common denominator, the one who holds the main piece to this puzzle.  You gotta understand that no one can be in a relationship all by themselves…do people tend to hold on to someone they love? Sure. But that’s no excuse. 

There would be no 3 to a relationship if the “common denominator” wasn’t lying, creeping and deceiving somewhere down the road. We live in a world of technology so if you really wanted to be disconnected from someone it’s not that hard.  It’s also not hard to just be honest👈😬So, before you blame someone other than the only one that owes you anything, think about it. 

Until Next Time



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