Domestic Violence is NOT OKAY!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve prayed about it and thought about it and I have finally taken the step to start my journey of unraveling all the bits and pieces that has made me who I am today.

One part of my past, I want to share with you guys is Domestic Violence and how I became a Survivor.

Which brings me to our newest Blog/Vlog series: Surviving Domestic Violence. Learning to Love Yourself

It has taken me a long time to talk about my own experience with Domestic Violence and how I survived. Hell, I still have never told a soul of the things I went through, excuse me…..what we went through because I have kids, but that’s a whole nother post/video.

Today, I just want to shine a light on Domestic Violence. I came across a video pertaining to this subject and it made me want to speak on it. So sit back and get my opinion on Men who physically, mentally, emotionally & verbally abuse the women they claim to love.

A man that abuses you, could never love you. He doesn't even love himself.  ~Nikki

Personally, I believe any man that abuses a woman in any form is not a man. He’s a little boy trapped in a mans body. Some men actually believe the only way to keep a woman in “check” is to demean, disrespect or hit her. These types of men are very insecure with themselves. They’re scared to death that you’re going to wake up one day and realize he isn’t shit and leave.

Instead of loving you until you love him back….he tries to intimidate you and instill fear in you so you’d be too afraid to leave. It’s sad but these types of men go after the same type of woman…..weak-minded and vulnerable.

These types of women are more than likely, women who are desperately looking for love, in need of financial help or she may have spent her whole life looking for a father figure. These women are easier to control.

Make no mistake, women from all walks of life can become victims because they all share that common link. They are searching for something that can only come from within….. Love! Love yourself first. When you learn how to completely and totally love yourself, no one can take that away. When you know your worth you won’t except any thing less.

Next Upcoming Blog in our Domestic Violence Chronicles: Are you a victim of Domestic Violence?

Click here to get the Domestic Violence Statistics (It is not a game)

Don’t have anywhere to go? Click here for safe shelters all over the united states

If you’re in immediate danger, please call 911

Stay safe and Stay tuned

A man that abuses you, could never love you. He doesn’t even love himself.


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