When Friends turn into Foes…..


When a person shows you who they are the first time. Believe them! So many times we ignore what we feel and still allow these people a place in our life. I don’t think there’s anything worse than a person pretending to be your friend, when they’re secretly putting you and all your accomplishments down. Sometimes your enemies feel the need to be close to you so they can have a front row seat in your life. Not to be there but to bask in your pain, hard times and low times. After all, a person can’t talk about what they don’t know.


Be aware of those that don’t clap when you’re winning. These people aren’t your friends. There are red flags that we often ignore.

Let me tell you a story……I became friends with a girl who I really didn’t like from the beginning. My gut told me she wasn’t right and I didn’t listen too it. My fault, I know. 2 years passed and I had to learn the hard way….

Here are the Red Flags I ignored:


  1. She back-stabbed another “friend” then blatantly lied about it
  2. I caught her stealing from my purse more than twice (that should have been the end)
  3. She never supported anything I’ve ever done..
  4. She copied everything I did
  5. She was never there for anything unless it was some bullshit

Needless to say, it almost came to the point where I wanted to put hands on her. Instead I cut ties and have been much better off since.

The moral to this story is…….if you know the person you are dealing with is no good…get far away from them before they eventually do dirt to you, because they will.

Some people just have dirty hearts driven by greed, jealousy and insecurity.

Be careful who you call friend.


One thought on “When Friends turn into Foes…..

  1. We are big believers in letting go of friends who no longer serve a postive purpose in your life. Your post reminds me of a few of ours. We have envy, breaking up with friends and more at liveclarelesleyblog.com xx


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