Is it Love or Lust?

Falling in love is a beautiful, breath taking experience……the problem is it could very well be lust. When we fall in lust vs. love it never lasts. Lust is simply a phase you go through when you’re deeply attracted to another person.


While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lusting after someone as long as you don’t confuse it with love…..that’s how you get hurt. People tend to make things out to be more than what they actually are. Having sex comes with responsibilities…like understanding that sex is all it is, but feelings tend to develop over time….when they do, you have to be able to be mature enough to know it doesn’t automatically equal relationship.


You ever meet someone and you guys have an instant attraction and you guys spend most of your time together having sex, this could go on for several weeks even months. But! When you really start to get to know them you find out that you guys have nothing in common……..sometimes you actually don’t like them. Lustful relationships don’t last because it can’t sustain real situations.

Falling in love on the other hand is something that gets stronger over time. You can fall in love without ever touching a person physically. When you fall in love, you fall in love with the person they are on the inside. It’s mental and spiritual. Its unconditional.

When you love a person you learn to love and accept them for who they are…..flaws and all.




What are your thoughts?

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