Learn to Trust Yourself!

After being through so much, its hard to trust not only other people but yourself, sometimes.


Trust is earned, not given…….so if that trust has been broken by multiple  people over time, it will indeed take it’s toll on you.

When it comes to trusting someone with your heart, it’s a huge deal.

Maybe its me or some of us, but not trusting  enough to allow someone in; is detrimental to our health.

It has possibly cost a lot of us our true loves and robbed us of our ability to trust ourselves.

I will tell you what I’ve learned about being overly paranoid and finding the slightest issues not to trust………


I have no issues finding a man but I do have issues keeping one. True Story. Sometimes its about ME  not trusting and most of the time…..its because he was a fuckboy to begin with. I don’t know what it is about a man that seems to good to be true…it scares me. I keep waiting for the the other shoe to drop.

I suppose people would say it paranoia  but I say its caution.

I mean, lets face it…..you meet someone who says and does everything to make you feel like they’re the one……only to turn out to be a complete disappointment. So, if a nice guy comes along and does all the right things with sincerity, its still hard to let your guard down.

At some point we have to take a chance on love or we’ll end up alone or even worse, we’ll end up settling for less than we deserve.

Moral to this story……

The next time you meet someone who has exactly what you’re looking for plus several bad habits you hate….take a chance.

After all, Love is a risk.



What are your thoughts?

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