Ending Toxic Friendships

Sometimes, you have to know when to cut a mofo off!

The moment you feel the peace leaving your life and being replaced by anger & negativity. Check your surroundings. 9 times out of 10 its the people you align yourself with.

You know that old saying…“Misery Loves Company” welp, its true. Whether or not they’re trying to bring you down, eventually it will take its toll on you.

Someone whose always upset and spewing hateful bullshit has to be very unhappy. Some people are just unhappy and no matter the situation….they make the absolute worst out of it.

If you’re focused on you……stay focused on you. Does that mean you’re probably gonna have to cut some people off? Sure…..but its for the best, trust me.

Everyone in your life right now isn’t meant to go to the next level with you. Some people are only in your life to teach you something, be it bad or good. 

We have to KNOW when to cut a person OFF!

Don’t let someones bad energy disrupt your happiness and peace….

How are you finding your peace & happiness? 

Comment Below👇🏾👇🏾

Be Blessed🙏🏾



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