When it’s Time to cut the Cord

As a single parent, raising kids on your own isn’t easy by a long shot!

Once you have finally gotten them grown up and you think theres some glimmer of hope for a quieter life…..its shattered!

When kids leave home, I for one think they should stay gone. You’ve done your job as a parent and now its time to get your life back.

Through personal experience, I’ve come to learn that not letting grown kids make their own way (I’m not saying it not ok to help out here and there) is detrimental to them and you as a parent.

People often wonder why their grown kids aren’t dependent on themselves. I’ll tell you why, YOU KEEP SAVING THEM!

Don’t feel bad, I’ve done this and I can tell you this…..it has not helped my 20 & 21 old at all.

They’re completely dependent on me and thats not OK!

After prayer and deep thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must cut the cord for their sakes. Sometimes in life, your kids get dealt issues that you don’t think they can handle. Let them handle it!

Babying grown kids is NOT the way to go!

I’m writing this more so for me…..because I know what I must do!



What are your thoughts?

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