Friends With Benefits

The words I hate to see or hear!

This is a situation where even walking in with eyes wide open can end VERY bad!

The bottom line is this…..NO ONE can have sexual intercourse over an extended amount of time without becoming emotionally attached.

Unless, your sub-human….this is simply impossible! While some will debate me on this, its just NOT true.

Becoming physical with someone and actually enjoying it enough to repeatedly return means at some point it become more than “Just Sex”

Denial usually kicks in at this point and we go out of way to PROVE we’re not falling into that trap. You know exactly what trap I’m talking about……..that feeling that wasn’t there before, that hug that gives you life, that jealousy that starts to creep up.

Just like that….you’ve fallen into the “TRAP”

Sometimes the feelings are mutual and you move forward from being FWB to trying to be a couple. Other times, only one person feels this way and thats when the devastation begins……..

So, before you jump into a FWB situationship……take time to be honest with yourself. Make sure you can handle the fallout if you walk in as friends who just happen to have sex and end up in LOVE!

Its okay to be NOT OKAY with these types of situations…….Personally, I’m not built for casual…confusing…frustrating situationships.



What are your thoughts?

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