Get The F*#% Out Of Your Head!

The phrase “being in your head” is just another way of saying you’re locked in a mental prison of your own thoughts.

Sometimes life comes around and knocks us flat on our ass! More times than not…its unexpected and soul shaking.

So, what do you do? Like most people you replay the trauma over and over in your head, trying to make sense of the betrayal or disappointment you have just endured.

Don’t get me wrong, its very hard not to spiral into this constant overthinking that inevitably leads to depression; so it takes hard work to conquer those negative thoughts that keeps rearing its ugly head.

Since, I’ve experienced this before and still fight hard to this day to stay focused on the good in my life and not let the negativity lay dormant in the back of my mind.

I actively take steps to make sure everyday is filled with positivity, happiness and affirmations of love, health & prosperity. I manifest good things into my life and constantly replace those bad thoughts with good ones.

Hard as hell, but it works with constant self-awareness and focus.

Tonight, I wanna share how I cope with difficult periods in my life that were meant to break me.

  1. I break free from anything/anyone thats not serving me. I’m not for the dramatics… I quietly exit out of toxic situations.
  2. I focus on what makes me happy and what feeds my inner growth, then I put my energy into reaching my goals.
  3. I take the time to really take a look at myself and ask, not why did this happen….but what did I do that allowed this to happen? Self-evaluation isn’t often pretty but it’s most definitely necessary.
  4. When the sadness starts to become too much, I hit the gym or the track. I find exercise to be an therapeutic outlet for me. Falling into that “woe is me” rut is NOT the way to face your issues. You guys know exactly what I mean! You get wounded and you start to react rather than be proactive. You drink more…You eat more…You start doing reckless shit! Sleeping around, getting in altercations and just all around fucking up!
  5. Then here comes the Glow up!!! I make it my business to go harder in everything I do. While, I never stop living life once I’m in a relationship. Meaning…..I don’t stop going to the gym, getting my nails, feet & lashes done, going out to lunch/taking care of home/dinner with my friends/being with family/going hard at work/eating right, etc.
  6. At the end of the day… eventually GET OVER IT! The question is; are you gonna get through it or be stuck through it? I chose to GET THROUGH IT and I did and I gotta tell ya….they weren’t lying when they said “God has never taken anything from me, without sliding through with something BIGGER/BETTER”Β Β 
  7. It’s okay to go through the emotions of being hurt, angry, in denial,Β  having self-doubt and embarrassment. It really is, and don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel when you’re in whatever stage you’re in. Just DON’T stay and operate in that negative space. Think about…Feel it….Dismiss it….Move on with your day!
  8. One Night I was getting ready for bed and realized I had went an entire 24hrs. without thinking about this person or what had transpired between us! With that I was FREE! Free to Love again and FREE from that devastating bastard HeartBreak!

Be Well, My Loves!πŸ’‹



What are your thoughts?

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