Letting Go!

When you speak of moving on and letting GO….it’s something thats not easily done but sometimes necessary.

I’ve had quite a few moments where I knew I had to let go but didn’t quite know how. No matter what it was it was hard. Relationships, however is a different beast, because matters of the heart are complicated on a whole nother level.

Whenever, I had to make the hard decision…to let go and move on I’ve always had the hardest time. I don’t know about you guys but letting go is soooooo difficult for me. I’m a cancer and EVERYONE knows we love hard and letting go is a foreign language for us.

As I’ve evolved…some, I’m learning the art of letting go. I go through so many stages and emotions before I can really move on.

But, I’m here to tell you……time makes everything bearable. There are some people who I’ll forever love but in the end I had to love ME more!

So…..I may not have the answer on how to let go but, I can tell you everyday it gets better and you just learn to live without something and/or someone.

I’m still healing but I’m also still LIVING my life as I and you should.




What are your thoughts?

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