We’re giving away Business Grants

#bartendersofinstagram have you ever wanted to ditch the bar scene and start #bartending private events?

Me too, gurl! So I started @boooshibartender and I’m so glad I did 🙌🏽 I know starting a business seems daunting but it’s super easy with #mobilebartending I have taken EVERYTHING I’ve learned through experience and Trial & Error. But God has his way and now I’m able to help my clients go the easy route. Now, you still gotta put the time and work in BUT you’ll learn from my mistakes.

This course/mentor ship is going to set your income on fire.

I’m going to make this so easy for you guys to be up and running in no time‼️ No research

No confusion

No unnecessary trial and error

This bundle package will be released May 24th!

It’s time to be your own BOSS

Because I really want you guys to succeed and invest as little as possible. I’m making this incredibly affordable! $45‼️‼️‼️ Our “Start Your Own Bartending Service” Bundle includes:

My 4 e-Books

* 5 Ways To Make The Most Money From Bartending * Pricing your services

* Getting Legal * Why Mobile Bartending is so lucrative


* Learn how to make the most basic drinks

* Spirits (do you know yours)

Business Templates (short cuts) * Consultation Questionnaire * Email Templates * Drink menus

* Client folders

* Service structure

* Proposals

* Business plan

* Email list * Contracts

* Independent bartender contract

Getting the VIP clients

Start up costs and inventory‼️ LINK IN BIO #learntobartendin16hours #boooshibartendingclass #mobilebar #bartender #bartenderforhire #ibartend #entrepreneur #createyourownlane #bartendingschool #atlbartender #miamibartenders #lasvegas #vegasbartender

We are gifting 3 lucky students with a $500 Buisness Start up fund‼️🎉 Rules: YOU MUST BE A STUDENT


Comment back with Student & Done

GOOD LUCK GUYS💥 (See previous post)


#learntobartendin16hours #boooshibartendingclass #mobilebar #bartender #bartenderforhire #ibartend #entrepreneur #createyourownlane #bartendingschool #atlbartender #miamibartenders #lasvegas #vegasbartender #businessgrants #investinyourself #tips #registernow #entrepreneur



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